Liezel Van Der M.

AFT Graduate

Liezel and her team wanted to solve a global problem, they wanted to save marriages. They knew there is a lot of work to be done, and thanks to Agency FastTrack they now have the right digital tools for their mission.

“I think what was amazing for us as a team was doing this together.
“And I remember my partner asked me last year, “what do you want to achieve this year?”
“I said, “I want to make a million purpose”.
“Last month we looked at all our platforms, in terms of our reach, and we reached 1.7 million people last month.
“Yes, that was amazing. Marriages are very close to our hearts because kids are close to our hearts; and we see families torn apart and there is a lot of work to be done.
“So we want to solve a global problem. And there’s a lot of work.
“But Agency FastTrack is giving us that. When I started this year my word for the year was “change”.

“It was something the Lord gave me and I knew there is a lot of stuff that needs to change.

“You need to empower yourself to do that.

“Making the decision to do Agency FastTrack helped us with that because it gave us the opportunity to discover these models behind Facebook…

“I mean, when I discovered it, it was like a Titanic. It was massive.

“The business model and the people you can reach.

“And then Google AdWords came and all of that was just brilliant.

“For us as a team doing it together, how our meetings changed in the office because now we were talking upside model, we were having intelligent conversations.

“When we hit a problem, we could work through it and see what our opportunities are and what can we do.

“That has been a tremendous high for us.

“Marriage Capsule finally sold our first course! And we are almost on 300 courses now that we sold.

“A lot of Niel’s business models with a Facebook group, we implemented that in our own company,

“That’s really helping couples, and it’s amazing to see how couples are responding and saying it’s changed the way that we do marriage.

“So that’s tremendous.

“I think in terms of the course, Michelle helped me a lot every week; having you there as a support, being so honest with me, and just saying “Google is your friend, just keep at it”.

“In terms of highs, I sold R235 000 worth of flooring on my campaign for my flooring client, which was… I outsold all their reps.

“Which I thought was fantastic. With R8000 ad spend.

“Wow, Niel, you have… your vision has empowered us and I think for all of us it has changed a lot of what we do now every day.

“And I want to applaud you for this business that you have built because it’s not just impacting all of us, the ripple effect of this… one day you’ll see what it is.

“Well done on that. I’m so glad we signed up because it was magnificent.

“And I’ve got a fantastic team, so I don’ take any credit, they are just brilliant. Well done.

“Thanks again, Niel.”