Harry M.

AFT Graduate

In just the first few weeks of the Agency FastTrack course, Harry and his team had learned so much about digital marketing and generating leads that they were already excited about the growth they could see in the future of their company.

“Hi there, my name is Harry and I just want to say that if you want to grow your business and generate a ton of new leads then the Agency FastTrack apprentice course is the way to achieve that.

“We registered for this course as a company and had five delegates during the course; in the first few short weeks that we’ve been doing the course we have learned so much about digital marketing and generating business leads. We are so excited about what 2019 holds in for us now and can’t wait to start the year again, finish the course and really significantly grow our business.

“We’re loving it and thank you very much to Niel Malan and the Elite Inc. team for teaching us what we know already and what’s to come. Cheers.”