Hendricus V.

AFT Graduate

Hendricus had no hope for the future, but thanks to the digital marketing skills he learned from Elite Inc. and Agency FastTrack he now has tons of hope. Thumbs up!

“Agency FastTrack is just one awesome program.

“I mean before I did this program I tried to figure out a lot of stuff on my own and it was constantly bashing my head against the wall. This course taught me so much and it gave me so much hope for the future, all I can say is, well, thumbs up Niel!

“I mean it’s a fantastic course, fantastic way it was laid out, it’s easy to learn and well worth the money. So where there was no hope I now have tons of hope. And well, the course is just awesome and I will recommend it for anybody who wants to look at starting their own digital marketing agency and or just improving the way they do business because this is the future.

“I can’t wait to see what else Niel will bring out in the future.”