Ricardo Van R.

AFT Graduate

Ricardo had tried other online learning courses before, but he says Agency FastTrack is the best investment he has ever made in his life! He is now sure of a bright future because he has learned true, specialized digital marketing skills.

“Hey guys, it’s Ricardo here and I just want to share a review with you guys quickly of how I experienced the Agency FastTrack program.

“This is the program that Niel Malan created, and it’s a four [month] very intensive program.

“But one thing I can honestly tell you, in the last four months I actually had a massive learning curve, it was something that I’ll honestly say which is something I can recommend with regards to this program. This is actually an amazing program, you know, from the start of this particular program I can still recall the onboarding process; you know, the structures and everything that Niel and them have put in place. I can recall the two days live event when we attended an event, about 20 guys that attended this course. Just the opening, the coaches, everybody that was around in order just to onboard you.

“It was just amazing. And for the last four months like I said a very steep learning curve but at the same time also you learned so many critical things in order for you to start up your own digital agency. Some of the things that we’ve learned was how to write copy, you know, your message that you’re going to convey in front of your potential customers for the business owners.

“Other things we learned was how to build funnels, how to convert. Also another few things that we ultimately learned was, you know, Facebook, Google, AdWords, those were things that we learned. But one thing that was amazing for me in this particular program and one of the main reasons why I enrolled in this particular course was you know many times you go into a lot of courses and it’s a lot of information but then at the end of the day when you’re done with the course you don’t implement these things.

“You just put the course in the back of the shelf. But this course, Agency FastTrack, ultimately forces you and ultimately propels you in order to do consistent actions daily, so that is one of the main reasons why implemented and joined this particular course because every week when you got a couple of videos you literally had to go and implement these things. So that stood out to me very clearly; and then at the same time we also had a student coach that held you accountable in order to make sure you do what you were supposed to do during a particular week.

“During this program you had a couple of fears in terms of going out to the real world and engaging business owners but what was amazing about this is, you know, you start to learn what is really happening, you know, literally you learn every single day what you need to do; and the amazing thing was when the campaigns went live and you started producing results.

“I recall for one of my business clients I produced about a hundred and thirty-one leads in less than seven days… with a cost per lead about R13,82 which was amazing.

“We sold a package of R850, so that was just brilliant for me just to be able to have this result.

“So I just want to say thanks to Niel and to his team for creating this amazing program; I would highly recommend this particular course and I think it’s the best investment that I could have ever made in my life. I also know for a fact that my future’s so bright because I’ve learned true skills, specialized skills. So thanks to Niel and his teams and I really appreciate you creating this course for us.”