Riatha E.

AFT Graduate

Opportunities to become great in marketing do not come around every day. Luckily Riatha grabbed the chance to do Agency FastTrack, and she won’t ever regret it.

“Hi everyone, I just completed the AFT course with Niel Malan. It was a great opportunity.

“Yes, opportunities are not things that you can actually plan but if it comes along it depends on you if you’re gonna take it or not. I am so glad we did.

“Thanks Niel for everything that you put in place all the systems, all the coaches, all the strategist calls and Bev on a Monday morning, Monday afternoon. It was a great experience to be part of such a supportive team.

“Yes, without that we couldn’t do it. It was long nights but it was so worth it. Thanks for giving us wings to fly and to be great in this marketing world.”