Johan J.

AFT Graduate

Knowing where you want to go is easy, but to get there is a difficult. Johan Janse van Rensburg shares how the Agency FastTrack course from Elite Inc gave him the digital skills to build an online community for adventurers, and how it taught him to push through, never give up, and make it work.

“I’m an adventurer and a mountaineer and that’s my passion.
“There’s other people that’s out there that’s also passionate about adventure.

“And that’s why I built this. I realized I need skills to do this.

“I don’t have the necessary skills to actually build this online community.

“And to use Neil’s words: this course is gonna give me that super ninja skills to do exactly that.

“This course has given me that direction… knowing where I want to go and how I’m going to get there.

“Knowing where you want to go is easy, but to get there is a difficult story.

“We need to have that path and this course has given that to you.

“But I have to tell you this quick story: Last night I’m doing this sales magnet which I’m very proud of. I completed it’s called ‘Adventure Gene Test’. And you can do the Adventure Gene Test and it tells you what what kind of adventurer you are.

“Now I’m trying to integrate this thing with Mail Chimp and it just doesn’t want to do it. And after about 2 hours of screwing around I said ‘stuff this, I’m gonna try Zapier’.

“And about two hours later I got this thing to work.

“Now that’s probably one of the highest highs that I’ve had in a very long time.

“Just, you know, it taught me to stick to it and push through and try again and try again, and don’t give up.

“That’s pretty much the whole thing.

“That’s how you get through 16 weeks of a very hard course that’s very time consuming.

“But that’s how you get through it, just make the decision not to give up and push through, whatever comes your way, you’ve already made the hard decision not to give up.

“So just as well push through and make it work.”