Nasheel R.

AFT Graduate

Two years ago Nasheel started his digital marketing career thanks to one of Niel Malan’s courses. Recently he decided to also do Agency FastTrack, and now he is opening his own business. What an unbelievable journey!

“Niel and I have been on a journey for the last five years, since 2013, from the Elite Entrepreneur to the Facebook Marketing Mastery. I met Niel at Gallagher Estates, that was when he was on stage with about 20-odd gurus in South Africa, some of them no longer on the scene. And when I heard Niel speak within the first few seconds I knew that he’s the person I want to follow and since 2013 that’s what I’ve done.

“Before I got into AFT I’ve been through the journey, I’ve been doing digital marketing for the last 2 years or so after being on Niel’s FMM course and I started it and that helped me a lot and it took me to a certain level and I reached a level with campaigns that I’ve been doing where I’ve achieved fair results too good. I mean clients we have blown away but I don’t think it was the best results. And then I bugged Niel with WhatsApp messages and SMSes and so forth. And then, I think he was busy with the AFT course and that’s when he told me, Nash… he gave me help he’s always been responsive, he’d always take the time to give you feedback which is greatly appreciated and he told me, “Nash get on to the AFT webinar, there’s a webinar we are doing, get on to that register and there you’ll get the answers”.

“I was somewhere in Durban, I think I was having a bunny chow at the time, it’s quite hot as well, and I got this call from Candice and she said, “Nash, we have to let you know that you have been accepted on AFT.”

“And I’ll always remember that day, that has been for me the life-changing day and I’ll tell you why, because my lows has been before the AFT course, and I don’t have any lows on the course. It’s always been highs.

“I’ve been on a constant high in the course and the reason I’ve been on a high is because of the exciting journey I’ve been on, all the learning and ninja stuff digital moves that are picked up and that was the game-changer as I was telling earlier. In terms of campaigns that have been running for two years, I never had that edge and this brought the edge. But the best part was was I was getting to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity again to learn from and speak to the man in front of me. I call him a digital marketing genius. Niel has certainly made a difference, definitely in my life and that is rubbing on on my family’s life as well as now on my client’s life.

“He’s obviously an individual with which I took to that has entrepreneurial skills that are practical which many people don’t have on their courses and his insight and knowledge is of no comparison so I’m grateful for that.

“I’ll be launching my digital company called Your Digital Mastermind, which is going to be helping businesses turn eyeballs into paying clients.”