Elana S.

AFT Graduate

After attending a live event with Niel Malan from Elite Inc., Elana knew she just had to do the Agency FastTrack course. Now, she just can’t get enough of using her digital marketing skills to get leads for her clients and she just wants to do it over and over and over…

“A lot of us have a similar story why we joined AFT or decided to go ahead with it.

“We all wanted a major change in our lives and this was it and this was one of those decisions, it’s like, I can’t take this anymore… I need something to change in my life and this man is now going to change my life.

“I always just go to your stuff in your webinars and whatever just to get the little golden nuggets that you give.

“And when I was at the live event, I was on the way back, I message Brahm and I’m like, dude, I know you’re gonna think I’m crazy but I have to do this. You know it’s just one of those things where you know you just have to do it; it’s the one thing that’s going to change your life.

“So anyway, so that’s why I entered and I’m pure honoured that you guys accepted me. It has been an absolute wild ride, it was tough, I didn’t expect any less though.

“I enjoyed it, I loved it, being pregnant throughout the whole course, I mean I didn’t even know I was pregnant at all… I was like just AFT, you know.

“The high for me was like those first leads coming in for your client, I mean there’s nothing that beats that rush, you know, I just can’t wait to do that over and over and over… it’s like you’re addicted.

“And the low is obviously not always performing, it’s getting the “what did I do wrong now”, but having the support, for me that is what makes this course.

“It is the Facebook group, the support that you guys give, the coaches, I don’t think you get that in any other online course, not that I know of. And that to me makes this all worthwhile. The fact that you can ask a question, you can phone, you can Zoom, you can push a button and someone is there answering the door. It is absolutely amazing and that’s what makes it worth it. Like Candice said we’ve become a family and I mean the friendships we’ve made and I think we’re probably going to have business opportunities going forward and partnerships and it’s really because we are whole, we’re a bunch of like-minded people.

“It’s just been it’s been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to actually start my agency and launch and onboard new clients and help other companies grow.”