Natalie and Shawn

AFT Graduate

Natalie and Shawn were only three weeks into Agency FastTrack, and the course was already making a difference in their lives! That’s the power of digital marketing, and it can change your life too.

“Hi everyone, I’m Natalie and this is Shawn, and we’re current students on their Agency FastTrack program.

“We are only in our third week of the program but have learned so much already.

“Very much, very much. Look, as Natalie is saying, we we’ve only started with the Agency FastTrack program, we’re in week number three, we’ll probably have a lot more of a detailed review at the end of it, but just in the first three weeks, we’ve learned so much and it’s made such a difference in our lives and we’re looking forward to the next couple of weeks. See on the other side, bye.”