Jacques L.

AFT Graduate

After more than 20 years in corporate, Jacques found a way out: Digital Marketing! Now, thanks to Niel Malan and the Elite Inc. team, he has a new in-demand skill and a whole new career ahead of him.

“I was at a crossroads in my career and if somebody had asked me a year ago, what are you going to be doing, I think “digital marketing” would have been the last thing that I would have said to them.

“I mean for somebody who’s been in corporate for 20-odd years, it’s a hell of a new experience for me.

“I think with the right support and motivation you can do anything. It’s just a questions of putting my head down and working hard and making a success of it.

“When you start getting those first leads and it’s not really just theory, I think that was great you know when you go like, ‘oh, this stuff actually works’!

“The relationships I’ve built and the friends I’ve made it’s great to be part of, you know, like you guys say ‘the community’, and being able to just phone somebody every week and just kind of soundboard stuff off them and have a chat. So that was really nice.

“It’s great to have a skill set that is in demand out there. Stats are saying, definitely people in the digital space… digital is going to be big, so it’s encouraging to know that you’re at least in a space that’s going to grow and there’s going to be a big demand for what we do.

“Thanks Neil and Candice and the coaches and everybody for your support, it was it was really good. I look forward to building and going forward.”