Donald S.

AFT Graduate

After the amazing results that Donald got from doing what Niel Malan taught him in the Agency FastTrack course, he is ready to grow his digital marketing agency… first locally, and then internationally!

“You know it’s been a tough, tough 16 weeks. And I’m glad I survived it.

“It was tough! Nash did something else, not the course I did. That’s for sure.

“It was so enjoyable. For me, what I think lies ahead is, Niel mentioned my Google Ads campaign is finally running and I’m getting strategy call bookings.

“I’ve got two strat call bookings from that ad. I’m very excited about it, hopefully that will just grow.

“I think for me going forward it’s just learning, improving on my skills, continuing to get more clients in, do more of what Niel told me to do.

“I’m gonna do that and that’s gonna generate the results. And build my agency, that’s my plan.

“Eventually, go international, once I’ve gotten clients locally in my niche and then internationally.

“I’m very excited about that. I think I chose some tough clients to begin with, but I paid the school fees and I learned the lesson, so I’m gonna do it the right way going forward.

“Running my first campaign, page likes campaign, that was brilliant; my next conversion campaign… nothing, absolutely zero!

“Then Niel introduced the upside model, I got my warming content in and I just got amazing results, it was like from a low to an absolute high was incredible.

“What I’m very grateful for is Niel and the team support, guidance, to be honest I think Niel goes 120% to help us succeed, and I’m very very grateful for that.

“The support that we got from the coaches, and Brian was my coach, and he did a phenomenal job in guiding me through and pushing me at times.

“I learned so much, made mistakes but learned from those mistakes, and I’m looking forward to the future.

“I’ve made wonderful friends with the people here and I’m truly grateful for that.

“I’m looking forward to continuing and building on those relationships in the years ahead.”