Sophia L.

AFT Graduate

Sophia hated her job, so she decided to invest in herself and enrolled in Agency FastTrack Apprentice. Now, thanks to Elite Inc., she runs a global company!

“As you all know from the first impression and from everybody’s memory of me, I was in a state…

“I hated my job. It was making me miserable, it drove me nuts. This has given me something bigger than just making money, this is giving me a way out.

“When I first came upon this course I had asked, I’d looked up into the heavens and I said please, just give me something just give me something, give me a way out.

“If God gives you something, or an opportunity comes, aren’t you stupid not to grab it?

“I took what my colleagues called a leap of faith: I quit my job.

“You want to know the next steps? The company is registered in Hong Kong, ladies and gentlemen.

“I have a team, I have business cards, I have the website, I have funnels, I am ready!

“You really, you really nudged me closer to my goal, and ladies and gents, I’m global today.

“So, on a final word, I’m not gonna say that this course makes you money… even though it does. I’m not gonna say that this course gives you more skills that you can use in the years to come… even though it does.

“What it does give you and what it has given me, is freedom!”