Tania W.

AFT Graduate

Just one hour after launching their online shop, Tania and her team had made 50 sales, all thanks to the digital marketing skills that she learned from Elite Inc. And while Tania is still crushing it in her current job, she also is assured that she will be okay no matter what the future job market looks like.

“My ‘why’ was a little bit different… I don’t have an enticing story or big WOW moment. My why is because Liezel is such a pack animal and she didn’t want to do this on her own. And it was a life changer.

“I think what was… I wouldn’t call it a low point, but what was very challenging was in the middle of AFT we thought we are ninja enough, let’s not listen to Niel, let’s make our own company our practice company. Let’s just do this.

“So we launched Marriage Capsule in the middle of AFT. And I was the lucky winner of doing the campaigns and Geraldine was building the funnel and it was so much work that I fell so far behind, at a stage I was three weeks behind. I didn’t even pitch for my calls anymore.

“He’ll just like phone me and say, ‘Tania, is it a good time, can we talk?’

“And I was on the highway, like ‘let’s just talk’. And I still remember, every time, I think your favorite word was ‘so, dit is awesome, hoe gaan dit verder?’

“It was such an uplifting thing, just everyone is behind you, everyone helping you. You get that little Facebook notification that someone said something, let me go check it out, so I think that really made it so different.

“Definitely a high for me: the day that we launched this course.

“I mean we’ve tried everything, nothing worked and then we pressed that button and the shop was live and nothing happened… and then I remembered, ‘but Tania, you edited a 45-minute video, just give people chance to watch that video and then they will buy’.

“And that is actually what happened. So an hour after we launched we sold 50 courses and by the end of that week hundred and sixty-seven courses.

“So Niel, thank you so much.

“I think we were at the stage we were just thinking ‘what did we do wrong, how stupid are we?’ I mean, we should be doing something right and I think the one thing that stands out for me from this course is we don’t know what the future holds. We don’t know if the jobs that we are doing will still exist in ten years but I think everyone around this room can say no matter what is going to happen because of a AFT we’re gonna be okay.

“Thanks you so much.”