Nadine N.

AFT Graduate

From putting together a digital marketing strategy and determining your unique selling point, to identifying ideal clients and blogging, Nadine now has all the skills she needs thanks to Agency FastTrack from Elite Inc. But that is not all she learned in this amazing course…

“There were late nights, there were Friday nights… it was Saturday nights, there were Saturdays and Sundays spent with HP and not my family.

“Most of you know that there were frantic posts on the Facebook group when tech wasn’t working like tech should.

“There were times when the going got tough and when I ate too much comfort food this hashtag Agency FastTrack. My gym schedule also really suffered.

“But with thanks to the support coaches to Gareth and Richard, I know sometimes I just felt so needy, I was like ‘hey, can I call you, I know I’ve used my call but I’m really having a problem’.

“And then thanks to our awesome classmates there’re some of us that really connected over this time.

“Thanks to Niel for your talks on Mondays, some of them were really poignant and they were on point, we really needed the motivation.

“To my husband and my kids who kind of just had to deal with me doing AFT.

“So now that we’re done I can put together a digital marketing strategy, I can determine your USP, I can figure out your value letter, I can determine who your ideal clients are and I can even blog like a ‘blinja’ with the help of some great apps.

“So thanks, Niel, I gained all the skills you said I would at the outset but over and above that, and I think more importantly, I gained a much more positive mindset and to me that’s really more valuable than all the skills combined.

“And that alone is reason enough for me to have gone through AFT.”