Cobus V.

AFT Graduate

Cobus was between jobs when he decided to join Elite Inc.’s Agency FastTrack course. Now he is showing businesses in his home town the way of the future – digital marketing!

“One thing I want to tell you is that this was quite an unexpected turn for me because when I joined this course I was actually between jobs.

“So I decided I’m gonna give this a try and find something to do in the meantime. I’ve actually came to realize that this was much more than I expected.

“You know, what it meant for me was such a life-changing experience and the fact that I made such a lot of new friends and people that are supporting me.

“What’s nice about it is I think I’m probably the first person in PE that’s doing this.

“They still seem to think it’s a foreign concept! So it’s taken quite a lot of convincing and trying to explain to them and show them what the possibilities are.

“But it’s it’s been an honor and I just want to thank you so much for your passion and everything that you’ve put into this project, because it means a hell of a lot for my life and what is, you know, the changes that it’s brought about so far.

“So I’m very positive about it and I know that I’m going to make a big success of this.”