Marko B.

AFT Graduate

Digital marketing is not just about making a positive impact in your own life, it’s also about your clients. Apprentice FastTrack graduate Marko shares a few stories of how his digital marketing skills helped his clients, including how it allowed a mother to go on holiday to visit her daughter.

“Yes, like everyone has said, this has been a tough course, 16 weeks.

“I think it is a bit more elaborate and expansive than what I thought it would be.

“When I started off I already at the plan last year that I want to do marketing for businesses and help businesses grow.

“You know, help businesses, help people with their talents to reach the world with their product or service; pretty much what Russell talks about. And so through a friend I heard of Niel Malan and I came to the event and I was sold.

“I think I was the first person to sign up.

“I think a big thing for me that I’m learning is to be more creative… like Canva for example, first I think I’ll get someone to helping with that and actually now I’m using it more and more often, I can do a logo quickly in an hour and cover pages and all those kind of things.

“I have a lot more confidence in building funnels now and I really enjoyed and I really want to learn much more in detail.

“I think the big thing was the upside model.

“When I got to know that, so with my dentist we first just shot videos and he’s natural with video so I never had an issue with that. But when we learnt the upside model and I structured that and I implemented that, the quality of the leads coming through were much better.

“Running your campaign and looking at your phone and getting the leads coming through is definitely one of the highs, and the thing is looking back at the journey even with my client in the beginning when I said okay we have to compile an offer, who is your ideal client and give something for free and having her tell me that ‘if it wasn’t for that campaign I wasn’t gonna be able to go on holiday with my daughter’

“At the end of the day that’s the end result I want to give her.

“It was awesome, I think I would do it again.

“I think it’s really put things together for me in a good structure, the weekly coaching really made a big difference, the faith, the live [chats] on Monday, the Zoom calls… that really made a big difference and some encouragement or inspiration, and another thing, even being here feeling the people’s energy and the vibe, I think that’s awesome and we have a similar mindset and that just makes you feel, I think, a lot more empowered.”