Patricia M.

AFT Graduate

Patricia Mashifane had not even completed her Elite Inc. course, and already she was outsmarting established digital marketing teams. Listen to her story at the Agency FastTrack graduation:

“My high was when I felt felt like I sounded very smart, we had a meeting with one of these club owners, so we wanted to activate and sell more tickets for them using digital marketing.

“We asked them, ‘Are you guys using digital marketing?’

“And they say, ‘Well, yes we are.’

“I was like, ‘Okay but I actually went onto your website and I couldn’t see something called a Facebook Pixel tracker, so how are you guys running these campaigns?’

“And they’re like, ‘No it’s there, it’s there, it’s just that we’re running this one page that has not yet merged with the other page.’

“So I say, ‘Okay, but I also went on to Google to search and I couldn’t find your ads, because you said you’re also running ads, right?’

“And they say, ‘Well… uhm… we’re working on it, so they’re gonna be there, so don’t worry.’

“So I’m like, ‘Okay, mmm…’ I actually felt empowered to be able to tell somebody that listen, your digital marketing team does not know what they’re doing, maybe I should come on board and help you guys out.

“Because we need to be selling about eleven thousand tickets.

“The biggest high actually was when we ran a funnel for manufacturing clients. We got over two hundred and thirty-four leads on that actual funnel for these manufactures.

“Yes, that was pretty dope, so that was my biggest high.”

“It got really tough and sometimes I just felt like maybe I should just give up AFT and Gavin was like, ‘No… this is actually the one thing that’s gonna set you off, okay, this is the one thing you have to keep going at!’

“And I really, really appreciate those talks, and I actually miss them, I’m getting emotional.

“But I really appreciated those talks because afterwards I’ll always go back to my boyfriend and tell him, you know my mentor always make sense I just I wish I had someone like this throughout my career. Because I was working at First Rand also before I quit my job as a CA to do what I’m doing now.

“I’ve never had a mentor, so for me this was incredible because every time I go through something… Wednesdays he’s always there.

“There was never time when I felt like I was alone. He was guiding me with what I’m currently going through with my business.

“So that meant a lot to me, that meant really so much, I really, really appreciate it.

“Thank you so much.

“Coming out of this course I feel more confident I feel more assertive when I talk to people out there.”