Moolman v A.

AFT Graduate

If your competition is learning to be better at digital marketing and building better websites, what do you do? You get ahead of the online game, of course, with Agency FastTrack Apprentice from Elite Inc. Moolman knew he needed more digital skills, not just for his clients in the engineering field, but also to ensure he has a solid separate skill set as job security going forward.

“I was actually investigating doing marketing for small companies just as a service we have to offer and I was busy building almost like classified type websites and investigating that. And then you came along and I said, ‘listen this guy is teaching our competition to be a lot better than what we want to do, so if we want to do this, this is the way to do it’.

“So, yeah, so we went into this and also to market our own business and all that and we thought at the end if we can only make one proper sell out of this course, it will pay for our course!
“But actually it exceeded my expectations!

“So thank you for that, and thank you for putting together a very good course.