Rudolf B.

AFT Graduate

Proper marketing can be the difference between a business sinking or keeping head above water. Rudolf Bornman used the digital skills he learnt from Elite Inc. to fully book his client, a swimming school, in winter!

“What I’m missing and what I’m not hearing – and I can vividly remember it, that overwhelmness when we started. That first two days when we were all there and what now, and everybody said ‘but how are we going to be able to do it?’

“And Niel said ‘just keep on going’, and we did and we started with it very well, and even myself, I felt like in the beginning I was really flying and it was going well.

“And really Candice to you and Jacques, thank you for the support and just saying you know what, it doesn’t matter even if you are a bit behind just keep on going and I did it.

“So thanks for that guys.

“And this program it really works, I mean we all when we started there was doubts, so many questions when we started… is this really gonna be a return, are we really gonna do what we say, and there’s so many people who said I’m gonna get like fifty thousand or a hundred thousand and all the goals were set.

“And we achieved a lot. One of my successful clients was a swimming school, they were actually underutilized and going into winter, which is the toughest time. Suddenly they were sitting with all coaches fully booked…

“Also another coach that they were training at that stage was fully booked, and they started two weeks earlier after the winter break.

“So what more do you want than that?

“They actually said to me ‘stop, whoa, it’s enough, stop, we can’t take any more children!’

“Anybody can take that and go and implement it and take it as a life skill.

“So there is absolutely great, great opportunities. But it’s great and I know in the next few years it’s definitely gonna evolve and it’s going to take off again and it’s one of those skills that once you’ve got it, you always have it and you just brush up and you go on.

“So thank you very much guys, thanks Niel.”