Candice D.

AFT Graduate

Digital marketing allowed Candice to not only grow her business, but to actually change the industry she works in. With the help and support of Niel Malan, her fellow Agency FastTrack students, coaches and her family, she learned the skills needed to take her business to the next level.

“AFT has been amazing because I started with FMM thinking that I was just going to grow my business.

“And at the live event I realised that I can actually change the industry that I work in because nobody else is doing this and that’s kind of where it started.

“The highs were definitely been acquiring the new skill and just against all odds, sometimes I really thought that I wasn’t gonna be able to complete assignments and I did it.

“Also partnering up with Edwin was a great high for me because I just feel with his skill and with my connections we make a really good team.

“And just having all of you as support has been amazing. I’d say the one thing that has helped me is definitely Terry, my husband… he’s cooked, he’s cleaned, he hasn’t had any animosity towards me at all he’s been completely supportive. And then all of you guys. All of you guys have been an absolute rock and you know if I was struggling I knew that I wasn’t alone and the group and the support and Michelle our weekly chats.

“Niel, the Q&A’s every Monday have been completely enlightening and I never ever walked away disappointed.

“So thank you AFT.”