Willie K.

AFT Graduate

Willie already ran a digital marketing agency, but it wasn’t until he joined Agency FastTrack that he realized there are skills he still needs to seriously improve his business. Thanks to Elite Inc. and Niel Malan, he is now a crushing it at lead generation, and learned a load of other digital marketing skills as well.

“How’s it guys, my name is Willie. Just a quick video to give you a review of Agency FastTrack – both the book and the program. It had a huge impact on my agency!

“I’m an existing agency owner and I thought I knew some things about lead generation, but after reading the book and doing the course I realized actually I know very little.

“But luckily all that has changed thanks to Niel Malan and his team at Agency FastTrack, and now I’m ready to rock the digital world.

“Thanks Niel, and guys keep up the good work!

“To anyone out there thinking about making use of AFT – either the book or the course – don’t miss this chance!

“It will change everything for you and you will never look back.

“Good luck guys, cheers.”