Tony D.

AFT Graduate

Tony de Beer knew he’d learn digital marketing skills in Agency FastTrack, but that was not all… he also learned the value of money and what it provides, was given a few life lessons, and became part of the Elite Inc entrepreneur tribe.

“When I joined AFT, I knew I was going to learn extra things. I knew I was going to learn new technical things.

“But I didn’t know the things that I’m going to take back. I didn’t know that the things that I’m going to take back is life lessons.

“I was so consumed about the things that I’ve learnt and the new skill that I was learning… I couldn’t stop speaking about it.

“Not that I speak much but my brother-in-law once asked me at a braai: ‘Listen, when are we meeting this new buddy of yours?’

“And I realized this is starting to change my life, my way of thinking.

“Yes, I’ve learned how to build a funnel properly, I’ve learned how to do digital marketing. But stuff that I’ve learned that I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else is things like the value of money, the value that money provides me. I never thought about it.

“The Facebook group is immense, you guys are amazing. We did not only make a family, we made a tribe, that’s something that Niel taught us from the beginning: And this is something totally different than family… family you try to avoid.

“I really appreciate each and every one of you, your input and the value that you’ve given to me as a person.

“It was amazing. It’s not the fact that you made me feel better, I wasn’t alone and that helped tremendously. Thank you very much.

“About three weeks ago I was sitting in a in a venue here at Muldersdrif, and a guy that I’ve got immense respect for, one of my mentors currently, stood up in front of everybody, and Robin Banks said there is no one in this industry that knows digital marketing and how to sell people and how to sell business better than Niel Milan.

“He said he had two problems, he had two mistakes or two hardships in his life: The first was the time Niel gave him a quote… because he almost got a heart attack. (The second was) the day Niel said sorry I can’t do this anymore, I need to do this for myself.

“Two things brought tears to my eyes: first thing, he was my mentor, and it gave me goosebumps and the second thing was my brother-in-law thinks he’s my buddy.

“So thank you so much Niel, Candice, the team, guys, thank you very much, it is appreciated.

“Have a lovely evening.”