Geraldine M.

AFT Graduate

Geraldine loves social media, and thanks to Elite Inc. and the Agency FastTrack course, she is now sure that she is going to do huge things through it. She is young and full of energy, and Niel Malan and the team have really helped her take a step towards her future

“So obviously I’m one of the youngsters here. Before I started, when Lizel brought this concept I was really not sold on it, because obviously I didn’t know you and you look like a normal guy, like my dad. But the one thing that I can honestly say is that this course… there was no fluff, it was really practical and we’ve been working, yo have to research stuff and you get so many articles that say things like, okay “these are the five types of posts you need to post” and “you need to post at this time”, “you need to have this type of newsletter”…

“There was so much fluff and it sounded like practical stuff but it didn’t actually work. And when I started with this course it actually it was so amazing.

“I obviously have to thank Lizel, I believe honour is public, just for investing in my future.

“Thank you Niel, I know I’m a firm believer that seed that gets sown gets multiplied so I really hope that one day when I’m like 50 or 60 I can come back to you guys and say, “you guys were a part of it”… if you guys are alive!

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding!

“Like, social media is really my passion, I know I’m gonna do huge things through it. I know it, I’m someone, I know I’m young, but I know where I’m going and I know this was a stepping stone in the right direction.

“And just to share one of our lows. So we – Lizel, myself and Tanya – we came together for our final assignment, we were, together we were gonna do this, it was gonna be great, we filled it in and we put so much detail into it because it was our last one and we wanted to hit submit we realized the internet dropped and we hit submit we lost everything, everything! We were so emotional, it was the worst thing ever.

“But what was really a high was being upskilled and actually knowing what we’re doing, I’m so grateful for this opportunity, I know I’ve shared my story with some people but just how I got into social media, everything is just so perfect, how everything worked out, and this course is definitely one of the huge stepping stones leading to my future. So I just want to say thank you, thank you to Gareth, thank you to Lizel, thank you to Tanya and just, yeah! We made it! Thank you.”