When You’re Tired Of The Rat Race

Are you being paid far less than your true worth? Do you loathe the daily grind of commuting in heavy traffic and working hard for little recognition or financial reward? Do you long for financial freedom and more time with your family? Stop working to make others rich! It’s time to take control of your own destiny.

    • Dennis Crowley, foursquare: “Don’t get distracted by criticism. A lot of people will refute your idea as baseless or useless. If you believe in what you are doing, make it happen. Ultimately there will be people who will prefer your product.”
    • Alexis Ohanian, Reddit: “Solve a real problem that people have, or identify a much better way for them to do things than they’ve historically done before. Make something people want. If you can do that, you’re probably onto something.”
    • Peter Thiel, PayPal: “When you start your business, go for the small markets and conquer them with your expertise.”
    • Jack Dorsey, Twitter: “Having first mover advantage is over-rated. It’s more important to have an idea BEST than to have it FIRST. There is always room for disruption. Constantly better yourself to stay ahead of the game.”
    • Rich Thornett, Dribble: “Solve a real problem that creates real value in the world. Focus on the problem/solution/value/profit chain of events, and try to make a pass through this sequence sooner than later. Also, be strategic. Find a competitive advantage.”
    • Jim Koch, Samuel Adams: “You have a viable business only if your product is either better or cheaper than the alternatives. If it’s not one or the other, you might make some money at first, but it’s not a sustainable business.”

Solve a real problem that creates real value in the world.

When You’re Not Ready To Retire

If you’re nearing retirement age, you may feel a little worried that you haven’t saved enough to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Or perhaps you still feel you have a lot more to offer, and aren’t ready to retire, but would like to do something for yourself after working for someone else for so long? Your best years are still ahead of you, so seize the day!

    • Jeff Williams, Bizstarters.com: “Age is a hindrance in the corporate job world, but it’s a major benefit in the entrepreneurial world. They may not hire you after 50, but they’ll sure buy from you.”
    • Sean Castrina, author and business coach: “Late-bloomer entrepreneurs have a greater chance of succeeding than their younger counterparts. “Their finances are in better shape and their personal life is more stable. At 50+ years old, you know your Achilles heel. At 20, you don’t think you have one.”
    • Ian Bond, MyRetirementRehabMe.com: “Today it’s easier than ever for people in their 50s and 60s to join the digital market and start earning money from home. All you need is an idea and a little guidance to get started.” 
    • Sam Taylor, founder, Creative Arts Gallery: “What you bring to the party at retirement age is your experience and contacts. Age is no barrier at all – if you’re mentally alert and physically fit, there’s no reason why you can’t do it.”
    • Colin King, Education Quizzes: “Setting up any business in the 21st century requires a good understanding of how to use technology. You’ve got to have some sort of empathy with new tech – we wouldn’t have got our business off the ground without it.”

When You’re A Working Mom Looking For Balance

It’s hard to find anyone carrying more guilt than a working Mom. You never feel as though you have enough time to spend time with your children, and you miss out on important school functions. Starting your own business is the way to bring back the balance. Here’s some great advice from those who’ve done just that:

“Life’s too short to spend time doing anything for just a paycheck, especially when what you are doing takes you away from your children and family. If you love your work then it will be easier to lead a balanced life.”

    • Erin Schurtz, Mommi: “Life’s too short to spend time doing anything for just a paycheck, especially when what you are doing takes you away from your children and family. If you love your work then it will be easier to lead a balanced life.”
    • Cori Kahler, I’m Beautiful Salon and Boutique: “Fight harder, work harder and prove that you are capable of being a powerhouse in the workplace. Women are powerhouses. Mothers are powerhouses.”
    • Kim Pratt, Freckle Baby: “Be open to seizing opportunities and reaching out to people you think would never notice you. In the end it’s all about the hustle.”
    • Amber Lont, Organized (re)Design: “Befriend mompreneurs in your area. This helps create a camaraderie with other moms who are also trying to stay afloat personally and professionally.”
    • Miranda Marquit, freelance writer: “Take time out for yourself. Exercise, get enough sleep, and make time to relax. Even 30 minutes a day can help you feel happier and less stressed.”
    • Whitney Lundeen, Sonnet James: “Hire someone to help with the kids and the house work. It’s hard to be creative and clear-headed when you feel stretched too thin. Don’t feel guilty about it.“

When You Need To Futureproof Your Job

Thanks to the rampant advance of technology, many jobs and skills have become redundant. It’s a scary place to be, but starting your own business is one sure fire way to make sure you never find yourself in this position again.

    • Elise Ronquest, MD, Career Management Consulting: “Retrenchment is not always a reflection of your performance. Don’t take it personally. Stay positive and keep motivated. Take proactive steps and set daily targets.”
    • Jeff Bezos, Amazon: “Assess your professional brand. Are you going to stand out from the pack? Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room – your skills, values, and talents. Your brand is what people can expect from you.”
    • José A. Momo Chema, GloBISCO: “Now it’s your turn to do something for you. You have the time and have saved some money – now is your chance. “There is a lot of opportunity – you just need to look around you.”
    • Allon Raiz, Afrodigiac: “Think like Noah – you might not be able to stop the rain, but you can build a vessel to carry you and your family to your new beginning.”
    • Estelle van Zyl, Findy Corporate Image: “Never give up. I approached the idea of starting a new business with much trepidation, but after a few setbacks, I managed to acquire a contract with one of the big corporate clothing manufacturing companies in SA.”

When You Need To Make A Difference In The World

Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the most effective ways to truly make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. By creating employment, you also foster empowerment, drive change and change lives.

    • YiDing Yu, Twiage: “As an entrepreneur, you meet so many incredible people who are driven to do work that improves the lives of other people. It’s amazing what you can do to help someone else with just a little encouragement and support.”
    • John Lombard, The Language Of Culture: “Find more ways that your business can be more socially responsible. Have you done everything you can to use environmentally sustainable materials? Are you active and involved in the communities where you work? There are almost always ways in which your business itself can make a greater social contribution, it just takes creativity.
    • Thato Kgatlhanye, Rethaka Trading: “Look for opportunities to solve some of the problems that in your community while also looking after the environment.”
    • Richard Branson, Virgin: “The brands that will thrive in the coming years are the ones that have a purpose beyond profit.”

When You’re Looking For A Good Investment

Perhaps you’re already a successful entrepreneur, but things are starting to feel a little “samey.” Are you hungry for a new challenge, something to challenge and stretch you? Are you looking for a new business to invest in that will give you a good ROI? Read this before you start:

    • Ryan Caldbeck, CircleUp: “Talk to an expert who knows the industry that interests you. Don’t know one? Look on LinkedIn – spending a few hours networking will help you realise there were questions you didn’t know you should ask.”
    • Nicholas Stuller, business author: “Limit your initial investment in the business to just five percent of your available capital, so you won’t lose your entire savings if things go south.”
    • Taylor J. Kovar, CEO of Kovar Capital: “Small business investing is tricky and is something I only recommend for people that are or were business owners themselves – they understand the struggles of growing and maintaining a growing company.” 
    • Mark Nicholson, Absolute Results: “Thoroughly review the sector or industry the business is in. Is it a volatile sector, and is there legislation coming that could affect the business? You want to see how easy it will be for the business to grow, so that your money can grow too.” 

Are you looking for a new business to invest in that will give you a good ROI?

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About the Author:

Niel has worked with and studied some of the top sales and marketing professionals in the world like Jay Abraham (the USA’s highest paid marketing consultant) and Tony Robbins (the well-known personal development guru.)